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What is Travel With Eshaan? To answer that question, I have to look back.

I began seriously thinking about having a website in the Summer of 2020. That was when I began writing a book about my travels. By then I had visited over fifty countries before the age of 10, which is a huge accomplishment. Initially, this was supposed to be a site just for the book: I’d set it up on wordpress, and I would publish some chapters from the book there.

So time went on, and I got closer and closer to the publish date. I began writing articles about other things, such as debate and the process of writing a book on the side. Slowly but surely, the focus of the site changed from an author’s place to update their audience to something more dynamic.

Yet I hadn’t come up with a name: my site was still a bunch of numbers and dots. I was only a few weeks from the publish date: the name had to come quick. I garnered all my brains and began to think. My creative process gave me a few names. Since most people who’re reading this site are coming from my book, the name had to be connected to travel in some way.

Safar With Me– In a foreign language, so it should attract some curiosity
– Safar means travel in Persian, and it sounds like Safari
– Sounds pretty good
– Safar is pronounced “Suffer”
– Safar is hard to remember
Travelearning– Completely in English, so it’s more understandable
– Serves two purposes: travel + learning
– Not too catchy
– Doesn’t sound great
Mein Safar– It has a word in German, so it’s more recognisable, yet is still unique, due to its Persian element– Has no English words, so it’s harder to remember
Becoming Global– Easy to remember, reminds readers of travel– Is very generic, name is already taken
Breaking Inertia– Unique English name– Doesn’t connect with travel
Exploring Dunya– Foreign – English blend, so it’s rememberable, yet unique.
– Dunya means world in Turkish.
– Not very catchy
Travel with Eshaan– Rather broad, so it won’t be a problem
– Sounds ok
– In English, so it won’t be hard to remember
– Not that unique

In the end, after a lot of deliberation, I went with Travel with Eshaan.

How am I supposed to use this site?

It really depends. If you’ve come here from my book, or due to an interest in travel, then I recommend you start here. If you’ve come here to view some of my debate articles, then make sure to check out this page.

Quick Disclaimer:

Please note that events in my travel articles come from my memory and short notes, so they might not be 100% factual.


First, I would like to thank my editor and teacher, Enlin Xia, for helping me throughout the writing process of the book. Secondly, I would like to thank my parents, who encouraged me throughout the way. Finally, I would like to thank anyone who’s reading this for taking their time to enjoy my blog.

Guest Articles:

I’ve traveled to a bit more than fifty countries, but the whole travel community has so many stories to tell. Therefore, if you’re interested, I’ve set up a guest writer section for young travelers throughout the world. You can contact me here.

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