View of the Monaco Harbor from the Grimaldi Palace

We only intended to visit Monaco for a day, however we enjoyed the nation so much that we spent two days instead. Our goal was to visit all European micronations, and Monaco was one on the list. Monaco is the second smallest nation on Earth, but it has the highest population density, and is very rich, owing to its status as a tax haven. Monaco is also known for the Monaco Grand Prix, the most famous car racing event. 

Monaco is a thirty minute drive from Nice, France, where we were staying (partially due to the eye-popping prices in Monaco). The ride there was very beautiful, as we could see the wonderful French Riviera. When entering Monaco, you’ll see guards in pure white, similar to the Swiss guard. They’re purely informal, but an exciting sight nonetheless. 

We started near the port. If you ever look at a map of Monaco, you might see some “peninsulas” jut out into the ocean. That’s Monaco’s port. It really gives a scale to how small the country is. We visited the port, which was decked out with yachts. Then we walked a little bit on a trail, and we reached the Grimaldi’s Palace of Monaco. From there, we got the best views of Monaco. Truly amazing. Maybe it wasn’t the palace, but from the high ledge, with the cannons facing the sea, I was nothing less than the prince. That day, we mainly stayed there. It was good. It was relaxing. 

We also found some of the most expensive cars in the world on the ride. Mclaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Rolls-Royce were all names you could find on the streets, which probably could’ve been paved with gold if the citizens wanted to. 

The next day, we returned to Monaco. We went back to the viewpoint, and then to the Monte Carlo casino. We didn’t go inside, as we came to the casino mainly for the Formula one. Needless to say, I was happy to get away. There was so much smoke. 

Not much else to say about our trip there. A beautiful micronation, and definitely worth a day. As usual, the micronation wasn’t too eventful, but it was a great place to visit. 


  • Viewpoints: The Grimaldi Palace is hands down the best viewing place in the nation. 
  • Accommodation: Book your Airbnb/Hotel/Hostel in Nice, as it’ll save you a pretty penny. If you want to, you can also go on a day trip to Monaco on a trip to the French Riviera. 

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