How to write and publish a book

I’ve written a book. I’m linking it here. This is a guide describing how to make and publish a book in 10 easy steps.   

  1. Find a topic you want to write about. Look at your interests, strengths, and past experiences for ideas. What are you most comfortable writing about? Do you have a great idea that will make the perfect book? Are you going to chronicle your experiences?
  2. Write the book. This is obviously the most time-consuming step of them all. Create an outline, then write chapter by chapter. 
  3. Review, review, review. Re-read, edit, and revise your book. Another time-consuming step. 
  4. Copy and paste chapters into an editing software, and export the book in ePub format. 
  5. Format the book – this means making the book more aesthetically pleasing by changing wordings and adding images. 
  6. (Optional) Create a cover page. Amazon
  7. Create an Amazon Kindle Publishing Account – all you need is an eMail/Amazon account. 
  8. Publish the book. Amazon provides cover templates, and at this step, you should create a description and setup keywords for your book. This is an important step if you want to attract a large audience. 
  9. Create a website. This is for writing articles and providing updates on your book, as well as providing additional content.
  10. Create social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, Youtube). This is another way of routing people to your book. You can also create videos and reach to a bigger audience in these social media sites.

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