How to Set Up a WordPress Website

As you might’ve noticed, this site has been made using WordPress, and so today, I’ll educate you on how to build a wordpress site. 

Step 1: Set up a google cloud account. Google provides 90 days of expenses for free, which means it won’t cost you for a few months. 

Creating an account and entering some account info
Adding contact information (phone number)
Entering information for payment
Linking to a paypal account
Logging into Paypal account
Connecting it to a credit card
Answering some survey questions

Step 2: Creating a project

Select the dropdown menu and click dashboard, then create a new project.
Creating the new project

Step 3: Adding the wordpress google extension

Go to marketplace
Select WordPress by Google Click to Deploy
Select your preferred machine: E2 is the cheapest.
Enable all APIs
Changing the boot disk size will also change the price.
IMPORTANT: Allow HTTPS traffic from the internet

Step 4: Setting up your site:

Click the site address (I have hidden it for this post), and then copy paste your email. Then copy-paste the temporary wordpress admin password (also hidden) into the box
This is where you login to WordPress
Go to the wordpress dashboard, select appearance, and then themes
Add a theme: We choose ZeeDynamic
Go to settings -> permalinks, and then click post name. This makes it a lot easier for users.

Afterwards, to make your site look better, you’ll need to setup a main menu (appearance -> customize -> menus), edit your homepage (an easy solution is to add a query loop). You will also need to get an SSL certificate (so your site has the padlock in the top left corner instead of not secure).

From here, the only step left is customization and trial and error. Find a design you like, and add content. Your site will slowly come together.

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