The Kid traveler’s Guide to Technology

What should every kid bring on a trip? What photography device is the best? What should I take for entertainment? These questions and more are answered below.


I frequently use cameras for photography, but I’m most comfortable with using a phone – my parent’s Iphone, or my Google Pixel.

Key differences:

The Google Pixel has some unique features, which include adding animations, and photo sphere. Both phones have great editing softwares, though I use photoshop afterwards.


I use many different sources of entertainment, though usually three questions must be asked when using technology during travel.

  1. Is it portable?
  2. Does it have offline capabilities?
  3. Is it extremely valuable?


My favorite devices to use are the Amazon Kindle, which makes book reading infinitely easier. Instead of having to meet the weight requirement at the airport, using the Kindle allows me to simply look for books, and read them on the go. Nowadays, I also use the kindle to read my own book, which is available for free with Kindle Unlimited.


The second device I use for entertainment is the Ipad, which is convenient for things such as drawing, as well as watching offline videos. Though its offline capabilities are limited, I still use the Ipad to take notes and record videos on the fly. With wifi, an Ipad comes into play when I want to do some research.


Google Pixel:

The Google Pixel is the best phone out there when it comes to communication because we have Google Fi, which works all around the world. It really came in handy after our robbery in Greece.


The Iphone is what I use for day-to-day communication, and there’s no need to fix something that’s not broken. Therefore, the same applies for travel. To keep the phone and other devices charged, we’ve also purchased a universal charger that works for multiple plug outlets, so that we don’t have to keep a box of them for travel.

Future Devices:


To really elevate my photography experience, we purchased a drone during the pandemic. Sadly, we haven’t been able to travel, but I’ve gotten more accustomed to the controls, and the output from the drone is amazing.

Ipad Pro:

Another way we’ve enhanced my photography was by purchasing an Ipad Pro. With similar power to an Imac computer, it really punches above its weight. I plan to use it when I’m editing videos, and running code. The apple pencil really takes the experience to the next level, and makes note taking more fluid than ever.

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